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I am an independent Linux author, trainer and consultant. My focus is on Linux service in enterprise environments, and as such I work with SUSE, Red Hat and Ubuntu. I have written books about Ubuntu and SUSE already. Apart from general Linux, I am specialized in Linux High Availability Clusters and have advised several customers all over the world in setting up these clusters. My other focal area is Linux Performance. I have optimized performance for many servers already, with never less than a 20% performance gain.

15 Jan 2015 Posted by Sander van Vugt

Free Live Online Class

Free Live Online Class: Learn how to set up an authentication on an LDAP server

“To celebrate the succes of my RHCSA Live Lessons video, I’m organising a free live online class on Friday Jan. 23th at 16.00 CET/10.00 EST.

This class is for for administrators of Red Hat servers who want to learn about the setup scenarios, where nslcd or sssd can be used, and how you can configure it the best way. Class duration will be approx